Q.  Who does the Southern MN Crisis Nursery serve?

A.  Anyone who calls and asks for help with taking care of their children due to a stressful situation.  Children ages 0-12 can stay at the crisis nursery.

Q.  How do I contact the SMNCN about having my child come to the nursery?

A.  Call our hotline: 507-766-6925, 24/7 to access help. 

Q.  How long can children stay at the crisis nursery?

A.  A child can stay for 1 hour or up to 72 hours at a time and for a total of 30 days in a year.

Q.  How many children can stay at the crisis nursery at one time?

A.  We can have up to 6 children at a time with a caregiver to child ratio of 1:3.

Q.  What is the cost for families to use the crisis nursery?

A.  NONE!  This is a free service to families. We are a non-profit organization supported by donations and grants!

Q.  Is the Southern MN Crisis Nursery part of Brown County Human Services?

A.  No.  Our services to families are completely confidential.

Q.  Who will be caring for the children?

A.  We have trained staff as well as trained volunteers.  SMNCN is licensed by the Department of Human Services, and all child care providers have passed a state level background check.