Admissions Criteria for SMNCN

 The SMNCN is a 24 hour care facility that operates 365 days a year. Children who meet the following criteria may stay at SMNCN for up to 72 hours at a time, up to 30 days in a calendar year.


  • Child must be between the ages of newborn to twelve years

  • Child’s family must be undergoing a crisis and be willing to meet with the family advocate and complete intake paperwork with a care plan including a minimum of one goal

  • Child must not require a handicap accessible home

  • SMNCN will accept children with physical or emotional limitations as long as the child does not require hospitalization, nursing care, injected medications, or major tranquilizers

  • There must be adequate staffing to provide safe, nurturing, developmentally appropriate care to the child (we do not have enough staff to provide a 1:1 ratio)

  • Providing care to the child will not endanger other children or staff at the crisis nursery

  • Providing care to the child will not endanger the property of the crisis nursery or staff

  • Meets the requirements of the SMNCN sick policy for children

COVID 19 UPDATE: While the pandemic persists, SMNCN will be adhering to a specific COVID 19 Sick Care Policy.  

SMNCN Sick Care Policy

Click                                          for the details of SMNCN's Sick Care Policy.